Old Florida Tonic

Dog days of summer got you feeling down? Road trip through Florida’s diverse ecosystems and communities as Birdie Hoffman, a jilted 1950’s housewife, hooks a Shasta camper to the Caddy and leaves her Tallahassee trailer park behind. By the way, Old Florida is still alive if you venture away from the masses … Sand driftedContinue reading “Old Florida Tonic”

New Orleans

A dream I once had took place in New Orleans. A jaded girl encountered an intruder in her Garden District mansion. Rather than flee, they remained tethered to the scene – their bond undeniable. I awoke curious. The dream left them face to face. I needed to know what happened. I thought about them forContinue reading “New Orleans”

Florida Keys

Is there a better cure for the blues than these blue waters? I think not. Perhaps deep forests, but let’s save that for another post. When real life becomes too much, the lure of the Keys beckons. Tired of the news? Tired from the grind? Get on A1A and drive south until mangrove islands dotContinue reading “Florida Keys”

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